Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

Participating in a weekly Yarn Along...

This week I am still working on my Urbana that was a Christmas gift from my week little bairns. They have enjoyed asking me (repeatedly) if that is my present I am doing which makes me want to knit it all the more.  I finished my yellow sweater I had posted last week and once it is dry it will have a photo shoot and be ready to snuggle into.

I'm not currently reading any novels yet but hope to soon as a sweet friend suggested a great sounding one but I am listening to my endless parade of audiobooks.  Audiobooks truely are a knitters best friend. I just finished the last one of a four book series, Scandal In Spring.  A great romantic, supermarket check out type of novel.  Easy listening.  My boys are having me read endless amounts of superhero books and dinosaur books. My oldest is having a dinosaur birthday party so his desire to have me read all things dino has increased ten fold.  I swear I have never used my phonic capabilities for sounding out words as much as I have in the last 2 years of my life lol.  


  1. Lovely shades you are working with. I remember the dinosaur stage. :)

    My yarn along link is

  2. You know I love seeing your knitting projects, mostly out of jealousy!

    Love the dinotrux too- Al might like that one!

  3. I'm loving that blue. My daughter never grew out of the dinosaur stage! So we traveled to Dinosaur National Park this summer, a dream come true.

  4. I'm so excited for that yellow sweater of yours... because I fell in love with it last week and I don't know...I'm just happy it's finished :D
    ...that blue is lovely! :)