Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another moebius...Easter Moebius

I worked up another moebius this week. This knit will be for a "secret" sister from my Mommies group in my little town. I plan to make some fingerless mitts to go with the set. I think it will be a perfect light knit to wear during the Easter season with the soft lilac color and smooth sheen of the yarn.

I used the same method as the Posie Moebius but added a row of drop stitch knit. I did this by using the pattern: k5, yo, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo 3x, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo, k6. I worked the moebius over almost 300 sts as the yarn was a bit thin and I really wanted to do some stash busting!

The total pattern for this knit is:
CO 300 sts on size US 10 using the Casting on for Moebius method or size needed to get at least a 28" round moebius

Pattern is as follows:

1 row of knit
1 row of drop stitch (see above) - I worked this as evenly across all sets as I could adding knit stitches at the end to even it up.
1 row of knit
2 rows of purl
1 row of seed
2 rows of knit
1 row of *knit 2tog, yo* to end of row
1 row of purl
1 row of *yo, knit2tog* to end of row
knit 1 row
cast off in purl


  1. I edited the Easter Moebius pattern. It was brought to my attention that I had "knit 2, yo" and it should read "knit 2tog, yo / yo, knit 2tog". Sorry!! :)

  2. I have made the Posie Moebius twice and love it!I'm ready to tackle this one. Are there supposed to be any k2tog in the drop stitch row, or just yo's that will lengthen the row? Just want to make sure I've got it right!

  3. You are not only a wonderful knitter but your photographs are delicious.

    I will be back to visit your blog!

  4. I absolutely this pattern.. :-)

  5. This is beautiful! The picture looks like you have two sets of the drop stitch pattern in the middle. Am I missing it in your instructions or just making things up? :)

  6. Could you explain your first correction in comments better....I don't know where you mean for this to go....what row?

  7. I have a question about the drop stitch pattern, which is described as: k5, yo, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo 3x, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo, k6.

    Do you repeat the entire sequence, in which case you have 11 knitted stitches in a row? Or do you repeat only between the asteriks that I have added here: k5, *yo, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo 3x, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo, k6*.