Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around this house

Around this house, things are slow and quiet...for the most part.  Next weekend we gear up for a birthday party and the end of January.  It is hard to believe my oldest baby will be 5 soon and my baby baby will be one in just over a month!

I changed up some of our playing space and moved our homemade play kitchen to a new spot.  It used to sit next to my kitchen but it wasn't really played well with.  Logan and Mason particulalily like to play with it so they directed me to spice it up a bit.  Now it sits in our foyer since we don't use it much and they really like it (again).  Defining the space with a simple canvas painting and faux curtains for a pretend window and a rug gave life to the area.  Now I need some more 'real' food since Mason likes to take our orders (all the time) and cook for us. 

It usually has a cute little door with a glass window but that has been removed as it bonks little heads too easily. 

Lots of reading this week too.  Logan is picking up books more and more now.  He reminds me of Reagan at this age as he too loved (and still does) books.  He is so cute how he turns the pages and talks to the babies he sees.

And just lots of hanging out this wintery week -whether it be baby, fur, or wool!


  1. TO DIE FOR!!! ALL of your precious babies ( but could Logan by the window be cuter?) and seeing those boys reading together-it's every mom's dream!

    I love your blog and your fun life!

  2. That painted window + curtains is brilliant!