Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posie Moebius

Posie Moebius Pattern
250 yds. worsted wool (more or less will work)
size 9 long cabled circular needles (at least 40")
stitch marker

24" (you can make it longer/shorter)
6" wide

Cast on 180 sts using the Moebius Knitting tutorial by Cat Bohrdi on you tube

Join the round, place your stitch marker and be careful of your twists.

1-3 knit
4- eyelet row: knit 1, *k2tog, yo*, knit 1 (*=repeat to end of row)
5- knit
6-8 purl
eyelet row: knit 1, *k2tog, yo*, knit 1 (*=repeat to end of row)
10 purl
Repeat rows 1-10 again
21-23 - knit
Cast off purl wise

Wash and block!
-any wool will work. This pattern is very, very easy to manipulate to work for you. Just do what you like that is reversible as both sides are always seen on a Moebius!


  1. oh man. i love it! hmmm....i may have to make this with the EB Loden I'm getting....

  2. just finished and i already love it!!!

    thanks a lot for the pattern :)

  3. Beautiful......I wish I had the materials to start this right now!

  4. i love this scarf, i'm almost done! do you have a video that shows how to cast of in purl? Thanks!

  5. This is só beautiful ! I made one last week with fuzzy wool. Wore it today and boy... was this nice around my neck. I knitted this one in 8 days. A couple of rows per day. Now my husband want one too. I have lovely men-colours yarn and then I will knit it without eyelets. Leny - the Netherlands

  6. Renee-

    I don't have a video for a purl cast off. It is so simple! Just cast off just like you would knit but do it in purl instead.

    You also can be brave and do a sewn cast off. It will be stretchy (which is what you want). I know there are youtube videos on that!

  7. When starting your scarf are the 180 stitches the ones on top, or are you counting the ones on cable as well?

  8. I see this is dated back to January...but I have just found you and would love to try my hand at this. Would you happen to remember where you got this lovely yarn? The colors are just the best. Thanks :)

  9. Sorry Janet but I dyed that particular colorway so you can't find it anywhere (anymore) :)

  10. Thank you for sharing! I am going to start this tonight.

    blessings, patchworkhen

  11. Thank you so much for this pattern. It was so much fun and my
    daughter loves it.

  12. Just thought you'd be amused, I used your pattern for a Jedi Cowl on Nerd Wars Ravelry competition. I'm very happy with the result with some beautiful handspun wool from a dear friend. It will be so cozy next winter!

  13. Thanks for sharing this pattern ;)

  14. Can you tell me what brand/colorway this yarn is ? Its lovely!

  15. if i wanted to make this for a guy would it need to be wider? longer? im a fumbling knitter anyway. but i am DETERMINED to make him a gift. :) so i was gonna check to see if i needed to follow it as is or add a few. thanks.

  16. To the previous post:

    I would suggest making it wider for a man. I'd do this by doing rows 5-8 twice each 1-10 row repeat.


  17. Can you please tell me, what`s the name of this lovely wool?

  18. Beautiful scarf! I am determined to make one, but am a beginner knitter. Could someone please explain how to "join the round to me" - I didn't see this on Cat's video?