Thursday, January 13, 2011

too many moments for just one

Every Friday I enjoy posting a moment of our week.  It is great for many reasons but most of all, it keeps me looking for a moment throughout the day. With three little ones and a husband who is away, finding a 'moment' amidst the chaos is often a blessing. 

This week I just have too many to pick just one. I had it all ready and then I got another moment yesterday that beats them all.

With the bitterly cold weather, we've huddled inside dreaming of spring and superheros, trying to walk but laughing too hard to actually do much, and eating popcorn and cake for dinner.


  1. Can I come stay at your house? Seriously- you are having so much fun- I'm jealous!

    And what is on that popcorn? I see yellow it butter? cheese?

    And Alaric and Mason need to get together soon just to chat about's all we think about here so having someone else to do it with would be a blessing for us all! Love your moments and your family!

  2. No kidding! You had many amazing pictures to choose from! I'm glad you posted so many! I love seeing your pictures! That soups looks so yummy too! I might have to try that! Yum!

  3. Will you have to surgically remove Mason's Batman hat-Dad