Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around this house

Around this house...

::eating frozen blueberries for sore, teething gums
::eating lots of soups (recipe soon) and salads
::dressing up...a lot and often!
::reading, reading, debating, researching, reading, questioning, and reading all things Superhero related
::turning 11 months old!!
::preparing for a 5th birthday party!
::being sneaky and redoing an almost 5 year old's room
::enjoying life


  1. Hows Reagan's room coming? How on earth are you doing in sneekily? While he sleeps or is at school?

    Did you make that dragon costume?

    Can I become a Pyatt? Even for a day, PLEASE!!!!

  2. lol Katie!
    We are slowly taking things down to repair some paint problems -about a quarter sized paint chip! He is going to sleep in our bed the night before his bday so we can do it then.
    Cara got me the dragon costume!

  3. Can our nephews be any cuter?! Ryan especially enjoyed Mason's strut in his dragon costume.