Friday, January 7, 2011

how are they getting so big

It occured to me that I need to blog more about my babies.  I'm sure the few 'readers' I have would rather me show them and talk about our family life than rattle on about the wonders of wool and needles.

My family life is fun.  Really fun.  My babies are lots of fun (almost) all of the time.  It has really struck me just lately how big my babies have gotten.  I do refer to all of them as my babies.  They actually like it - for now - so I am going with it.

Reagan is getting bigger by the day.  He looks different now.  Although he is still very cushy and easy to snuggle and is recently going through a stage of finding himself in our bed several times a night, he is growing up.  He loves school so much and I find him practicing often in his room at his "office".  He wants to read really bad and I can't wait until he can find a book to sink himself in with.  I imagine I'll find him nestled into corners lost in some printed adventure.

 My Mason has started to like going school and is starting to really try in all areas of daily life.  Even at home he is getting better with tantrums and battles.  He has taught us that you really have to pick your battles with him.  Not much will work and when we pick it, boy, you better see it all the way through!  For example, if he wants to be a certain super hero for the day, he needs to be it and we must figure out how it will happen.  A diva is a diva even if he is a boy.  At school he is showing how much he has grown with taking his time.  Before, his coloring would be all over the place and he would not care or try to follow what he is asked to do.  This week he came home with this masterpiece.  It promptly went on the frig followed by a round of applause from his older brother (which really makes all the difference to him). 

The baby of the babies is getting so big too.  Just this week he has started to 'cruise' from one of the couch to the next.  Since his favorite thing to do is knock stuff down, he is starting to get around pretty easily.  Today he discovered something new...he can push something and walk!  He is so funny when he does it and laughs so hard!


  1. I love the boys sooo much! I can't believe Logan is now walking with help..such a big milestone in just two weeks! I'm excited we get to spend some more time with the boys in just a couple of months.

  2. Reagan is AMAZING!! And whats even more precious is that smile at the end- so proud of himself and rightfully so!!!!

    Love mason's work too! I picture him saying things like, " I'm going to paint this parrot the color of Hulk, and this one the color of Spiderman..."

    Go LOGAN GO!!!