Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

Participating in Ginny's weekly Yarn Along...

I missed last week's Yarn Along.  It was the first one I missed!  It wasn't for the lack of knitting or even a bit of was just too busy!  I'm not sure what I've been so busy with as it seems my list is ever growing and still so many things need to be done. 

After finishing two really big projects, a Catkin and Whippoorwill, I'm ready for some steady non-thinking knitting.  I'm participating in a SAL (Shawl Along) with Skein on Ravelry and have decided to use my skein of Skein to make another Stripe Study shawl.  Simple and mindless garter stitch.  I think that is what I need right now.  For a more portable project I started a simple pair of socks too in a rustic tweedy wool.  After freezing for what seemed like an enternity this winter, I think I need lots of woolen socks. 

I'm still working on Pride and Prejudice and now am getting to the meat of it.  It feels a bit odd to read such a classic on a Ipad but I love the feature of touching a word and having a the definition pop up for you.


  1. love your yarn bowl! and yay for socks! i have a whole drawerful of knitted socks and always look forward to colder temps so i can wear them.

  2. I love the colours you chose for the Stripe Study Shawl & your other shawls are stunning! I am already stocking up on wool socks as I am always cold.

  3. The shawl looks lovely. I love all the yarn and agree with Amanda. That bowl is awesome!

  4. I am loving all of that beautiful yarn!! I agree that the bowl is very pretty too :D

  5. I love all the colours and textures in your picture!
    I love your other Stripe Study - looking forward to seeing this next one!

  6. What beautiful shawls!

    A bought a copy of the P & P (Insight Edition) a few years ago and re-read the book.(

    This edition is really cool because it has interesting tidbits and explanations, which made re-reading the book a lot more interesting.