Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wool Keeping

With the temperatures reaching the upper 90's this week, I think we are done with our woolens.  It seems like we just finished using them since spring didn't really happen and two weeks ago we were cold. 

I collected them all this morning from the kid's bins, hangers, and crankies around the house. My sweaters/shawls/cowls have already been put away but still able to be used since I'm always cold. 

Everything got a good shave.  If you are a wool loving person, you must get an Oreck shaver.  Best.Thing.Ever.  It plugs in and is very powerful and easy to clean.  After a good shave everything looks newly knitted.

I sorted the woolens into piles to see what I need to start on this summer.  More mittens for sure.  Probably some cowls for playing in the snow.  Hats of course.  I made Logan try on his hats and deemed most of them too small. 

They got a bath so they can be ready to be donated.  I like to use a wool wash bar (Naturally Luxe  in Almond, Milk and Honey is my favorite) and Euclan to get them clean and fresh smelling.   Since they have been used all fall and winter and more than likely winters before that, they all went into the sink.  I don't normally cross wash wools if they are "new" as dye tends to bleed - even from commercial dyers.

Sweaters got a spray of Lavender Bac-Out Fresh fabric refresher.  I love using this stuff around the house.  Waaay better than febreeze too. 

The sweaters, hats, mittens, and cowls that were still clean got folded and put away in a canvas tote sandwiched between two cedar planks.  I'm waiting for a shipment of lavender to come from Etsy so I can make lots of sachets bags for my yarn collection(s). 

At least one summer chore got done today.  Not much else though!  It has been one of those days. 

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  1. isn't this such a great ritual! i'm with you on the lavender bac-out freshener - smells divine :)