Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

Participating in Ginny's weekly Yarn Along...

On the needles this week are a pair of plain socks on Beaverslide Merino. It is a very yummy and rustic yarn but oh so slow!  A little more than 7 sts per inch make it such a long, boring knit.  I think I'll need to cast on something else today just to break up the monotony of it.  

Reading wise I've got two good reads going on.  Made From Scratch is a fun, light read.  It just makes me wish for space for fun thing like chickens.  I've always wanted chickens and it doesn't help that my boys want farm animals.  I'm also reading and rereading and rereading the new Elizabeth Zimmermann publication, Knit One Knit All.  She is just so genius.  I love how they have some of her art work in the book and the little notecards and scraps of paper she wrote out patterns on.  It is like a little glimse at her thought process.

What is in your basket this week?


  1. I give you credit for persisting! That is a lot of tiny stitches. I'm sure it will be worth it. Jacinta

  2. seven stitches to the inch in stockinette is tedious but oh so worth it. The socks are gorgeous!

  3. Tedious indeed... another reason socks and I don't get along!

  4. Oh my goodness, yeah, I would have to cast on another project, too!

    'Plain Vanilla' socks are great mindless knitting but oh so boring! ;-)

    I've wanted chickens for a while, too. I added Made from Scratch to my 'to-read' list. Thanks!

  5. 7 stitches to an inch--yikes!!! But that sock looks great! I adore knit one knit all! We should have a KAL!

  6. I haven't heard of that book, it sounds great!
    Good luck with the sock, I am the worst at being distracted away from boring stockinette socks.
    So many half-begun and never-begun socks in my stash...

  7. I find knitting a pair of plain socks like therapy some times ;) But 7st to an inch seems like it's going to take a while to get them finished...Looks like a beautiful yarn your knitting them in though!
    I'd love to have chickens too :)