Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

Joining Ginny's weekly Yarn Along...

In the basket this week I'm still slowly plugging away on another Stripe Study shawl and a basic pair of socks.  Neither knit has had much attention though - summer is here and in full swing and my days seem to be filled with too much!

I'm just about done with Pride and Prejudice.  I've been really trying to keep the needles down and finish this up.  It is becoming a 'project' that needs to be finished!  Oh but that Mr. Collins is so insufferably annoying!


  1. That shawl looks gorgeous. One day I'll be brave enough to embark on a project like this and believe that I'll be able to finish it! Enjoy your summer days..

  2. Oh Mr. Collins...he is a pain. ;)

    Enjoy your summer knitting! Thanks for the book recommendation over my way!!

  3. Mr. Collins...tell me about it! I also could not stand Lydia. What a spoiled brat!

  4. mr. collins can definitely make my skin crawl. and i agree with jen - LYDIA!?! she should be slapped and hard ;-)