Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend ended

I was hoping to post this little tidbit about our weekend yesterday - when it was still the weekend - but now it is 10:30 on Monday and I'm now getting to it.

It was lovely here this weekend (and today!).

I think - as a collective family - we were outside from dawn till dusk

I really washed windows and have more to really wash still.  I can't believe how dirty they get living in a heavily wooded area.  I also think I like the brightness of the house more.  I want to believe that it made that big of a difference after how long it took me for 3 measly windows.  I also want to take screens down in the winter so when we are sad and stuck in the house, at least we will have a bit of a better view.

We celebrated my upcoming birthday by eating my favorite food - Mexican -  and then shopping for plants. We learned that, like their mother, my boys can inhale queso cheese in minutes.  Mason likes tacos and salad, Reagan likes burritos, and Logan likes to drop chips on the floor.

All of my boys made me cedar window boxes for my birthday gift.  Logan contributed greatly by taking a long nap during the construction.  

Boys never get tired of swinging and daddy can swing them better than mommy. 

T Ball was practiced and so was pitch hitting as well as running after the soccer ball and bouncing off of that ball I should use for sit ups.  (But bouncing off of that is way more fun and productive than sit ups.)

The big boys and I planted a moss garden around steps since we have so much abuntantly growing around us.  Mason is very into planting things.  He assumes the role of "nature guy" and creates his own little story lines while he is "helping" me plant.  He also decided to dress in character when we went to get a few groceries. 

Radishes were added to the mix of our garden and are a new favorite veggie of Mason and mine. 

Hope your weekend and start to the week was as perfectly pleasant as ours.

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  1. sounds lovely! and happy birthday to you! my husband says i'm predictable because i always want mexican food on my birthday but i love it. in fact whenever we go out to eat i usually lobby for mexican ;-)