Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Around this house

:: total chaos surrounds me

::my house is in a perpetual state of disarray

:: Logan is the Master of Disaster and can disassemble any room in a manner of minutes (usually while I'm cleaning up the last room he terrorized)

:: walking, running, and dashing boys makes for crashes

::I have the powers to get really muddy clothes clean

::I made a new recipe, and it was gobbled up by everyone.  I could have eaten it all myself.  I used pesto, Italian Turkey Sausage and omitted the cheese (because I forgot it).

::All the above is really cramping my knitting style...but it is worth it (at least I'll say that when the kids are in bed, laundry is done, dishes put away, and I've seen the latest Real Housewives)!

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