Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A little something to start off one of my New Year's use all my yarn up!! All scraps! Everything somehow!!

A Baby Surprise Jacket by the illustrious Elizabeth Zimmermann. I'm a bit obsessed with her right now!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


A fun pattern that was done in just about 2 days of knitting here and there. Not too hard to just knit and purl back and forth...the fun is in the end! I had this lovely handspun yarn from Selah in her Pan colorway. I love greens. This is so pretty too that I had no idea really what to make with it. It just wasn't child or baby. So I "had" to use it on me!

The pattern is called Destroyed Cowl, free on Ravelry!
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great and relaxing (if that can happen with small children) over the holidays!

Wishing all a great New Year to come too!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A finsihed set

I almost have this set finished (I'd like to score a great shirt somewhere). It was fun to work on here and there to make it complete. I might add a hat ...haven't decided yet!

The kimono sweater was made in Beaverslide merino wool. Light and spongy with a great vintage feel to it. I did the sweater entirely in garter stitch to take a break from pooling. It was dyed in my Boy Nursery colorway inspired by my own boy's nursery (soon to be occupied again). The longies are knitted on super soft bulky gaia dyed in a semi solid to match the brown tones in the sweater. Booties just about complete it all!

A Work In Progress...

Starting new Jumper is quite fun! I love to figure out how to make it specifically for the wee little one. This one will be on Cestari Fine Merino in Country Lavender. I hope to do a little lace peeking out of the pocket on the front when finished. Now to find the perfect buttons! I'll have to shop on Etsy!

Just the beginning....the back yoke

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another finished knit

I am happily done with my two Faraway, So Close shawls for Christmas presents this year. Yay! The lighter one was dyed and knitted on a silk/wool blend and the second was a wool/silk/mohair blend purchased at my local yarn store. I was glad to find some beautiful handcrafted pins on Etsy to complete the looks!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some personal knits

I've been working here and there on some personal knits...

I've recently published the "Tickle Hat" pattern on Hyena Cart and Ravelry. I was excited to finish it and have such positive feedback from my slew of testers. I'm also happy to offer this pattern 'free' to use for crafters to profit from.

I made a pair of mittens for Mason using an adorable pattern from Comfort Wool called the "Comfort Mountain Mittens". A fun knit! I'm looking forward to knitting more and will probably have to as mittens seem to grow feet and run away in this house.

A little something for myself in effort to reduce the amount of wool I have! Not that I don't love all of! This was made with a lot of bits and pieces of handspun wool that I won at a bid style auction at Paty's Loveys on Hyena Cart.

5th Ave. Infinity Scarf

I'm still working on some more Christmas gifts for special ladies. 2 lovely shawls with handmade pins will be posted soon!

A slew of customs...

First...Claudia's "Jumper" improvement on my tester pattern. I really like how it turned out. Very cozy and warm!

Some longies on one of my favorite colorways of all times! Snips and Snails by Stitches Under the Sun...

A special gradient dye on Silk/Wool...hard job for me to do and hard for my camera and my lack of photography skills to take accurately! Super pretty though in the end. I'm looking forward to seeing what is made with it.

Another custom set:
Mosaic Moon's Woodland Tales

and Family Root's Max's Room

and Dashing Dach's Horsie

Friday, November 20, 2009

Child Tickle Hat

A quick and fun knit with my personal Tickle Hat pattern. It was knitted on MM Woodland's Tale On Targhee wool yarn. Targhee isn't usually my favorite but I liked it a lot with this project.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Semi Scrappies ???

There actually is a story behind these longies and I'm feeling long winded. Even though I have knitted with Cestari Superfine Merino wool (lovely stuff) countless times...these longies have reminded me that gauge can suddenly change. So there I was happily knitting and with out pooling stress listening to my ipod books knitting away for a solid pink custom. I get to the 19" rise on a 24" hip and go to double check my measurements...when my heart stops. Somehow, this yarn, which was on the same huge cone as other knits, was completely off of my 4.75 sts per inch that I usually get. It was more of a 5 sts per inch. That might not seem a bunch, but yes, it was not what my wonderful customer wanted and now, I have a pink top that I simply can not rip all the way out without passing out or loosing my supper.

Luckily, I had dyed a lot of yarn for this project expecting me to use more than I usually do. I put this top aside to figure it out later (which is unlike me as I am not good at doing multiple projects at once) and started again. I was able to finish another pair of solid, baby pink longies with what I had and now I have this to turn into something.

I have scraps that I've dyed for various projects and I have a hard time dealing with leftover yarns. I want to use them all. I don't like to see them unloved and in a tub waiting to be played in. So I made half scraps. The pockets were planned out in advance with cute bead work that I was unable to make look smooth and sleek and not toddler like. Maybe next time. Cuffs were new to me too. Elizabeth Zimmerman is in my head all the time and I'd like to venture into the pattern knitting area one of these days.

Still...I feel this might need some more accessories...maybe a hat? I still have lots of lonely scraps that need a home.

Before adding a drawstring per suggestions:

Wildflower shorties

A fun and quick knit! Shorties are such a pleasant "sigh" during the longies/sweater season. I am always surprised at how fast (even if the yarn wants to be something else and gives me fits) shorties knit up! Instant gradificaiton :)

These were knitted on Family Roots Fibers' Wildflowers on Aran BFL wool yarn. Pretty colors!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Supergirl Longies

Rachel needed longies for one of her spots this month. I custom dyed Cestari Superfine Merino wool to match the Supergirl fabric she has. She wanted the longies to be 70% black with bursts of the other bold colors. Ruffles completed the look! I used a lace pattern in the body of the ruffle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kimono Sweater

Next custom is a SMSS Kimono sweater. Leidy of WSK dyed the yarn in her Rivendell colorway on Cestari Superfine Merino. Rebecca designed how she wanted it to look!
WIP shots:

Yay! It is finished! I was lucky enough to try some new things that I've been thinking about and luckily this sweater spoke when it needed! I had so much fun dressing it up even more!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Croc Set

Tina's Croc set WIP! Tic Toc is a new colorway inspired by the collaboration shirt with Sheep In A Heap.

I was able to finish the set over the weekend! A 3 hour ride both ways to the in-laws as well as little boys "farming" gave me some extra time to finish the longies and create a new hat. My 2 yr. old called it a "Tickle Hat" because of the pompom. So...I'm going with that name for it. It was fun to create!

A new way to check customs!

To keep the Hyena Cart page neat and organized, Sarah and I are going to use our blogs to post information on works in progress, customs, and other fun stocking projects!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wait list is closed

As you can see, the wait list is so full. It is now closed until next year.

Thanks! Kristi

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is on the needles now...

Right now I'm working on my customs' list. I was sent the most lovely -Elliebelly Melted Crayon yarn and had to dye some trim to match. It is starting to have that wrapping look where it isn't pooling, just collecting colors in odd places.

I also have a scrappy sweater on the needles now. I have too many Cestari scraps that I've dyed for previous projects and need to use up in something other than longies. It will be an 18-24m. SMSS Kimono Sweater (for which I am now licensed to knit). Yay!


I wanted to get a blog so I can better communicate with my customs list and my buddies! I'll be posting the wait list soon!