Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just love to knit Dashing Dach's yarn. So yummy and soft! The colorway, Ponies, is so soft and girly...just fun to work with!

I added a fun decal to the pocket. The shoe is made from Ultra suede leather and adorned with little buttons for "nails".

I hope the little girl it is for loves it!

Another moebius...Easter Moebius

I worked up another moebius this week. This knit will be for a "secret" sister from my Mommies group in my little town. I plan to make some fingerless mitts to go with the set. I think it will be a perfect light knit to wear during the Easter season with the soft lilac color and smooth sheen of the yarn.

I used the same method as the Posie Moebius but added a row of drop stitch knit. I did this by using the pattern: k5, yo, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo 3x, k1, yo 2x, k1, yo, k6. I worked the moebius over almost 300 sts as the yarn was a bit thin and I really wanted to do some stash busting!

The total pattern for this knit is:
CO 300 sts on size US 10 using the Casting on for Moebius method or size needed to get at least a 28" round moebius

Pattern is as follows:

1 row of knit
1 row of drop stitch (see above) - I worked this as evenly across all sets as I could adding knit stitches at the end to even it up.
1 row of knit
2 rows of purl
1 row of seed
2 rows of knit
1 row of *knit 2tog, yo* to end of row
1 row of purl
1 row of *yo, knit2tog* to end of row
knit 1 row
cast off in purl

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life is great when you are 4

We got to celebrate my son's fourth birthday! It was Geotrack themed and perfectly fun for a small group of boys and one precociously adorable girl. It was so much fun to have all of his "boyfriends", as he refers to them, along with their mommies over to play and eat!

Oh and some knitting! A WIP Dashing Dach's Ponies...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posie Moebius

Posie Moebius Pattern
250 yds. worsted wool (more or less will work)
size 9 long cabled circular needles (at least 40")
stitch marker

24" (you can make it longer/shorter)
6" wide

Cast on 180 sts using the Moebius Knitting tutorial by Cat Bohrdi on you tube

Join the round, place your stitch marker and be careful of your twists.

1-3 knit
4- eyelet row: knit 1, *k2tog, yo*, knit 1 (*=repeat to end of row)
5- knit
6-8 purl
eyelet row: knit 1, *k2tog, yo*, knit 1 (*=repeat to end of row)
10 purl
Repeat rows 1-10 again
21-23 - knit
Cast off purl wise

Wash and block!
-any wool will work. This pattern is very, very easy to manipulate to work for you. Just do what you like that is reversible as both sides are always seen on a Moebius!

I've been playing with dyes again and finally feeling inspired to "try" some new colorways. I've made a new g/n summer colorway with doing things a bit opposite than I normally do. This time, I just pulled colors I like together and that I had stock dyes made for, and went with it. I'm naming it "Connemara" as it reminds me of the Irish Isles and the little yellow flowers that bloom over the hills.

I also made another Vintage Linen series dyes. I love to dye this way and see how the wool decides how to mix the colors. Plus, it is fun to knit! No pooling...and little color pop surprises!

Next, I am trying to get just right and it isn't there yet. I've got some issues with the intensity of the orange I used. When I get some more yarn from the suppliers in this week, I'll try it again. The colorway was inspired by Posie Gets Cozy, a blog/site/author I really enjoy reading about. Her overall crafty-ness is very inspiring.

To see how it knits up, I made up a Moebius. It was a fun, quick knit and looks like something that would be great to stock on Tree Frog Knits for Valentines Day. The pattern is posted.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knit for Haiti

From now until Jan. 31, if you purchase the Tickle Hat pattern on Ravelry or on Hyena Cart, 100% of the proceeds will go to Haiti relief effort!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Feed the birds...

When your almost 4 year old asks to do a yarn project on a cold winter afternoon...coming up with something remotely entertaining isn't always easy! So we made some impromptu bird feeders that are strung with wool yarn of course!

well...maybe the squirrels are fed!

In knitting news...I finished something for me! It might not be for me for a while as I knitted it thinking that I am not 8 months pregnant. So it might be for my mom lol!
Shalom Cardigan
absolutely a fun knit!
Still working on my son's Tomten. I had to frog a sleeve as I forgot to decrease it. I hope to get the sweater finished this weekend before I begin customs again!

I'm feeling the need to nest...so it looks like I'll be dyeing a small batch of summer yarn and knitting some board shorts and capris before I deliver the first week of March. If you want something new to stock...let me know!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A quick hat and a wip...

I have a goal to use up as much of my yarn I have in "stock" in my yarn room (as my boys affectionately call my space) before I allow myself to hoard some more. Earlier I posted that I used up two skeins of easily felted wool to make dryer balls. I got them finished, couldn't be easier, using instructions on The Goodmama, and was right...they are more functional as "boulders" according to the majority of the gentlemen in my house.
<----see on the tracks! Look out!!
I had a gift to make a friends little girl and used it as another way to stash bust. I made a Tickle Hat with some modifications because I didn't have enough wool to complete the gnome like top. I think it turned out sweet! This is for a one year old. I assumed her head was about 17-18" as she is a cushy girl. I followed my pattern until I had 4.5" from cast on edge, started decreasing evenly in sets of 12. Once I reached 49 sts remaining, I had little yarn left...so I decreased every row which gave me a nice flat top. I also alternated natural as I needed to extend the colorway and used purl stitches to set off some texture.

Finally...my last stash busting project in its infancy...a textured baby blanket. I have plans to back it with OBV and edge it with satin edging. I hope to get it down before Logan arrives!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I just can't make up my mind with these! I added this and that while I knitted and had fun manipulated all the bits of trim I dyed to coordinate. Still can't decide if they are right or not...lol...just not how I usually do them.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Works in Progress...

I'm working as much as I can while waiting for client measurements on lots of projects. I started my "use all my yarn in 2010" resolution today by making a super easy project...wool dryer balls! Couldn't think of much else to do with itchy, super felt-able wool! Hopefully they will come in useful with the rest of my laundry routine. More than likely, I'll find them stashed in the ball tub and designated as a toy.

Next I'm working on Reagan's birthday sweater. He specifically asked me for another special sweater like the first Tomten sweater I knitted him. This time I'm using a blue/heather combination from Marr Haven wool. I have intentions of lining it so it can be more of a spring jacket. T Rex fabric is in order!
and finally a pair of "no pool" longies. I switched it up on the waistband using 2 colors found in the colorway and natural. I hope I don't run out of yarn! I might have to be creative and add stripes or just call it a day and do capris/board shorts.

Jumpin' for joy Jumper!

It is finally done! I had a lot of fun finishing it with suede and glass beads. The buttons are from an Etsy dealer. I can't wait to see them in action!!