Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am supposed to show last days of school

Reminisce about how much my babies grew this school year

What our summer will look like

All the sweet knits I've been working on

But that would be typical.

Instead, I thought I'd show a scene from today.  A typical one. 

Logan:  (remember he doesn't talk)...singing the Starwars Theme song....

Mason:  Really Logan, I like the dragon one.

Logan:  ....singing his own version of what a shield would sound like...

Mason:  Captain America Dragon?  Logan - You can be anything you want.  It doesn't matter.  A cape is just great.

Logan:  ...(giggle)...singing his version of what a sword would sound like...

Mason:  You're the best "browder "

Yes my dear boy.  A cape is great.

(ps...Nana, I don't have any gloves.  I am supposed to have gloves when I am in space)

Monday, May 14, 2012

around here

Around here...we've been more than busy.  That is pretty obvious as I've not been on here lately!

So for a fast recap...

:: We took a quick trip to Nathan's family's farm to see Nanny, Pop, and all of the critters, tractors, and all things Ei-Ei-Oh.

::Logan's eyes are progressively getting worse.  Luckily we are seeing a specialist sooner-than-later.  I've become the panicking mother (who will call again tomorrow to see if we can get in sooner).

::T ball and P Nut league are in full swing with just one more week of practices and then the games begin.

:: Reagan started Violin lessons!

:: Sewing projects are done for now.  Once the painting is finished (see below), I'll start up again! I've got materials for a few jumpers, knit shirts, and another set or two of play pants.

:: I got to escape for just one part of a day to see my mom show her new horse Dually.  Now we are all completely in love with him.

::  Painting, painting, and more painting is happening around here.  I'm pretty sure I've got some sort of must-constantly-paint something disorder.  Right now it is our doors (now black)  and porch (now blue and marshmallow).

:: Our screened-in porch, which is our favorite room (ever!!) to be in, is getting a face lift this week with new screens and door (to go with all that new paint too)!!

:: School ends in just a week and a half!

:: The yard has been lots of fun to work on.  This year it is quite a family run job.  Everybody is pitching in and feeling the love from it.  If you need something watered with a tiny watering can, I know someone for the job.

::  "Crops" are just about ready to start feeding us.  Reagan is ever so proud of his peas and has to "check" them regularly.

::  Nightly knitting is not as much as it used to be.  See above for reasons.  Although, I'm completely smitten with this new sweater...a steeked tweedy colorwork cardigan.  It has made me obsessively knit up some scraps for donation hats and sell some hoarded yarn so I can (in my head) justify starting it.  Plus I can't decide if ordering yarn from Shetland would be better than from Montana.  Such decisions.