Friday, July 13, 2012


Cross it off my list.

I've got a strange bucket type list that ever changes in my head.

One of the items was a quilt.

I wanted something that all of us could sit on and picnic.  I also wanted it to be useful on someone's bed or to cuddle by the fire.  I am not into decorative items (=clutter) so it had to be totally functional right away.

All the fabric match my boys in some way...the Lorax, the bugs and snakes in jars, cars and planes, farming, the solid colors... everything I see makes me think of them.  Most of the fabric I ordered from the and the rest was acquired at Jo Ann's with the help of my trio.

There are 784 squares and 6 large panels on the back.  I was going to hand sew the binding but then I remembered I have three little boys, it was over 100 degrees out for weeks, and I have knitting that I needed to start.  I ended up doing the machine sewn binding and then hand tied the rest of it.

I'm happy at how it turned out.  I'm really glad I did it and I think it taught me a lot about sewing and how to use my machine. 

The next quilt on my bucket list of things to make is to take my boys' crib bedding and make a quilt from it. All three used the same sheets and they are worn and soft and stained and perfect little parts of their baby lives.   I know I won't do this until they are older and I have more time and space to dedicate to it.   But it is on the list.