Friday, December 6, 2013

Nesting In

It is hard to believe that we moved just a bit over 2 weeks ago.  It has been such a busy, full, somewhat hectic couple of months.

I'm so glad it is over.  I'll feel really glad when our other house finally sells. 

We have been surprised at how fast we have come to love our new space.  It feels so right for us.  The different places to go and spread out, the big open fireplace - which has been going non stop, the cozy little bedrooms, and the basement that is currently taken over by trains.  All of it is so great and so us.

It helps that we had a week that started in the 50's instead of the teens that are happening now.  The boys got a glimpse of what we can do this spring and summer like playing in the creek, helping clear trees,  and building "huts". 

Today Reagan told me, curled up with his next book by the fire, that he loves his new home. 

I do too.