Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We have some big changes coming to our family.

We've decided to take a risk.  Something that usually doesn't go with my husband and I.

Often as we drove home from our parent's farms, we would hear our children "whine" about not having the space, animals, things to do- pretty much everything associated with living in the country.  We often echoed them as well.  As parents, we always wanted those "country" things for our kids and the chance to raise our kids much like we were raised.

So - we talked about it, daresay "dream" about it until one day I sent my husband a link to land that was for sale.  From there we looked some more, determined what we could responsibly do, what we couldn't do in our county - which turns out a lot, and just looked.

Then it popped up.  Something small enough to afford but big enough for my crew to grow into and in turn something small enough for us to take care of when the kids grow up (not that I plan on letting them).

A place with lots of projects.  A place with just a bit of more space but still a small home that we like.  A basement so we don't have to huddle in the bathtub with glass shower doors during a tornado.  Close to town but surrounded by beauty.

Our kids are pretty excited.  Chickens and kittens in the spring.  A cow or two in the following year and whatever else they talk me into.  A huge garden.  Planting apple trees, strawberry rows, and blueberries.

We are all pretty excited.  So excited that maybe I'll actually blog about it. 

My littlest one and I were reading a chicken raising book (he is now a chicken farmer -if you ask), and I stumbled across this paragraph that totally sums up our life in the last few weeks:

If you wish you, too, were closing a coop door, I promise if it is something you really want, it'll happen. You'll find a way because you must.  And when it does happen, be ready because it'll come fast.  Life doesn't happen any other way.  At least not the parts worth living. 

Chick Days by Jenna Woginrich

I'll be a super excited when our current home sells.