Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

Following Ginny's weekly yarn along...sharing our favorite things -knitting and reading!


I forget that after lots, and lots, and lots of longies made over the past 5 years, I can whip a pair up pretty fast!  Last yarn along I had just started the first pair of this season's collection and poof, in a few days they were already done!  I love that about knitting.  Fingers just kinda know how to do things after a while.  No real thinking required and a glance is all I need to see if I'm doing it right.
Now I'm already on to my second pair and this time they are in buttery bulky gaia (or Stallion) wool and so fast to knit.  In contrast, so slow to knit is the lap blanket I've been working endlessly on.  I think it will be ironic this winter when I'm so cold and sick of the weather and reach for this warm, woolen throw, that I knit this when it was so hot and so dry!  I'm plugging along on it though.  The hap lace portion is pretty fast-well at least faster than I thought it would be.  With over 500+ sts per round, it seems to take a bit of time just to get to the finish line marker.
Also still plugging away is my current read of Organized Simplicity.  I've added it to our discussions at the dinner table which has proven to be quite insightful.  For example, when discussing what individual strengths we have as family members, my four year old said, in all seriousness, that "he is very good at eating all of the time".  And he is. 


  1. Something was wrong with the comments today! Not sure what! I appreciate those who emailed them. That was very nice :)

  2. Oh I finally got in :) I love his longies!!! Adorably cute.

  3. lol...a friend of mine recommended this book and i tried to get it from the library. except it came and went. sigh. that is how un-organized i am.