Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little trip to the land of Lego

Before the busy school year starts, we (my mom and I) had to fit one more thing in.  If you had the 'pleasure' of being around either one of my older boys, you would have known that we were planning on going to Chicago and going to Legoland.   We didn't make it all the way to the city.  It was supposed to have some severe thunderstorms (and boy did it ever) so we opted to go the the burgs. 

It was fun though!  We only stayed there a little more than three hours but it was enough Lego time to keep them pretty entertained.  They walked through an Alien invaded Chicago, hiked in the jungle, rode a dragon ride, raced a build your own car, and took an Alien Defense Unit class (instructed by a guy who probably has the worse job in America).  It all ended in shopping-- which was what Reagan was all about. 

Only Mason would snuggle up with Darth.

I think Mason and I wanted the Ewok Legos the most though.  (Hint hint Uncle Bwandon!

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