Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Round here

 -around here I can't get my stuff together.  We seem unable to find our new school rhythm.  It feels very chaotic. 

-fights seem to be the norm as do overly tired children and mother
-I stayed up way too late last night/early morning trying to get something done in this house.  It involved wool and needles and felt great
-the smallest trouble maker's allergies have come back.  He was up in the middle of the night having breathing problems.  I'm so not ready to deal with this again.
-Reagan started soccer practice yesterday.  He was so excited.  In fact, at 12:30 this morning he got up to do it again.  I found him next to Logan's bed (who was woken up by it) trying to find shoes to go again.  Luckily, I was still up.
-The medium child has been angelic lately.  I'm not ready for that to end either.
-These pictures have nothing to do with anything.  It is one of the only happy smiles I've gotten today.  Not even a long walk and playing with the mops have gotten much response.  But, syrup makes me smile too.

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  1. These periods will go ....on hopefully for not too long, having raised 4 children myself and rarely without some form of needle in my hand I do so remember the lack of sleep, frustration and joy that all these combined challenges bring.

    At least you will have this blog to look back on in years to come, I on the other hand have grown up children, stacks of old battered diaries and a house full of projects made while they grew up.....each piece has been made and entwined with memories.....

    These blips swiftly pass and you will soon be back in your stride, ready for the next......:-)