Monday, August 29, 2011

How did that week pass me by?

I'm not quite sure where last week went.  It was busy.  I'm not sure why it was so busy, but it sure was. 

It was the last week of summer for Mason before he started school.  I tried to soak that up with him as much as I could - putting everything (ahem - house!) aside to do whatever his little mind wanted to do.  A wookie for you? Sure darling, we'll make it right now.  You need a tent today, right this very minute?  Absolutely.  Bake supper and you do it all and tell me what to do?  Sure, of course my sweet boy.

Then poof, it was Friday.  Their first camp out - in our yard.  Living in a subdivision dominated by huge, gorgeous trees makes for a very realistic camping experience (when you are 4 and 5).

Just a little note though- it is entirely possible to have a hang over from too many Smores. Just saying.  Also, a fire with a very active (read naughty) 18 month old is not fun. 

Then poof again - it is Monday.  First day of preschool for Mason (again).  He was pretty confident this time.  After all, he has done this before.  Reagan still needed to give him advice though.  He listened with rapt attention until he finished.  The he asked, in all seriousness, if his white uniform shirt and blue shorts were more of a Storm Trooper or a Clone Trooper look.  Clone Trooper of course.   Ever the diva in his own, Mason way.

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  1. looks like they had a blast! and how grown up is Mason- wow!