Monday, July 5, 2010

A whole lot in a small amount of time

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and are recovering from all your events.  Our weekend wasn't short on travels and parties. 

Every 4th of July weekend, Nathan's family has a reunion.  This year it was held at the farm (Nathan's parents).  We made a quick trip down as Nathan was gone all week on business and will be gone again this week as well.  Farm time is always fun for the boys.  The weather was beautiful and it lead to lots of fresh, farm air (well mostly fresh with cattle not too far away).

 We left the reunion to go to a good friend's house for fireworks, fun and food.  Reagan has decided he would like to live there now.  It was so much fun and we are really glad we made it all work in one day. 

Then on the 4th, Reagan had a chance to borrow a horse for a lead-line class. His regular show horse is taking a break and is at my parent's house and is currently muddy and grass-pot bellied.  He'll start back on him this winter.  There was a horse already at the Region 11 Arabian Horse Show in our show barn that was child safe so he got to ride him!  He had so much fun. I love to watch him with horses.  He loves it and already has such a knack for it.
 Walking with Pop up to the area.
 It is hard work being a cowboy.  Hydration is a must

 Looking at his adoring fan club.

 "Hi Mom"
 They call out the children in numerical order.  He was the lowest number and was called first.  He now firmly believes that he "won" the class...even though they all got blue ribbons!  He even counted the line up - twice- to see how many he beat.

Getting ready for the victory pass :)

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