Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

July is almost here and the woolly season has begun!  My customs list has started and my needles will be clicking away even more than they usually do from now until December. 

I'm working on a pair of custom longies using Mosaic Moon's Barn Owls on Meadow Mountain merino.  They took some work to not get them to pool but I think they are finally knitting up nicely.  It has been almost a month since I've knitted something totally from memory.  It is kinda nice to do some rhythmic knitting again.

I also decided to help my knitting customs mojo this season by knitting more for family and friends at the same time.  I hated when I over booked myself and didn't have any time to knit for the special people in my life.  I'm already looking forward to working on little boy sweaters and Christmas presents.  To start off this, I picked a really hard pattern to work from.  The Snapdragon Tam is first up on my ever changing list.  It is complicated and I can't knit it with anyone talking to me or practically in the room.  I've never worked this many continuous cables before.  I'm in awe of how this designer came up with it. I'm knitting this with Cashsoft DK by Classic Yarns.  It is knitting up well but is a bit slippery for all the needle work.  I hope the person this is for likes it. 
And finally, I took on a custom dye for the same client as the Barn Owl longies.  I've strayed away from the custom dyes lately as I find it increasingly difficult to understand what colors are in someone's head.   This client is from Norway and she wanted a 'glacier' inspired colorway.  She wanted the colors: natural, aqua, light jade, icy blue, light coral, cobalt, and brown.  When I read those colors, I didn't know how they related to glaciers.  I just think of white and blue!  When this picture of the Briksdal glacier was sent to me as color inspiration, I knew exactly how she came up with those!  It is so beautiful!
So I came up with this
I am to make this into a pair of overalls! 

Have a happy Wednesday!  What are you working on this week?

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