Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday is almost over but I thought I would do a quick WIP post. 

I'm just about to finish the overalls I've been working on what seems like for-ev-errrrr!  They are on Mountain Meadow wool.  I get about 5.2sts per inch so the knitting is slow!! 

I had to frog my hat I was working on last week.  The orange Snapdragon.  I didn't do enough increases on row something and I just couldn't get it right without totally ripping it out. So I did.  And then I decided it was a bit fussy.  I'm such a plain Jane kind of gal that it was a bit much for me.  This is for a dear love who believes her head might be on the large side so it might have been a good UGH!  I think I'll do something new now-a very belated birthday present!

Last on theWIP list is an easy-no-thinking-involved felted bowl.  Believe it or not, it is my first "on purpose" felting project.  I hope to use it to hold some shells and other more natural play toys.  I worked on it while my DH and I watch Avatar.  Have you seen that?  Wow.  Such creativity.  We were in awe at the scope of this film.  It has been a long time that something wasn't a copy, remake, or from a book.  Rather refreshing!

What is everyone else up to? :)

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