Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is hot

It is hot.  Humid. Buggy.

The past three days were spent at my parent's house.  With Nathan gone again for the majority of the week, we needed to escape!  Nana and Pop's house is always fun.  We spent our few days lounging, swimming, and riding!  I got to catch up on 6 episodes of True Blood and finish a pair of scrappy longies (I'll post those later).

I didn't pack the appropriate riding gear for my boys.  In this oppressive heat, I tend not to think about boots and jeans.  We had to improvise on the apparel.  It was a fast ride anyway with the big bugs coming out and the hot, humid air.

Reagan rode his pony, Dixie.  We are hoping soon to have Reagan riding all by himself.  He reminds us often that he needs to do it all by himself.

 Then it was time for Mason to ride. Mason isn't as horse nuts as Reagan is.  Reagan has a special thing with animals.  Mason...not so much.  He wants to go fast. Like a motorcycle. Plus he would rather ride the mower with Pop and spread manure.  Fun times.

But it was his first ride.
 So I handed my big camera over to Reagan and politely reminded him that his precious life depends on him not dropping it in a pile of poo so I could hang on to Mason if needed a quick route off. He did a pretty good job taking pictures of his little bro.

"Look you see me?  Do you see me like you?  Brodderrr!"

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