Monday, April 26, 2010

A zoo trip!

After a (for once) quiet weekend for our family, Monday started off with a bang for the week!

Reagan's preschool class had a field trip to the local zoo. It was fun. They don't have much there but there were plenty of places for the little ones to run and play. I think the animals were glad they were the ones in cages!
Very entertaining for Logan
Goat + log + hole = hilarious
Holding hands...will be fun to show when they are 16
Run Forrest Run! (get tired so you'll nap)
If only it was the Dinosaur Train

...the hat pictured on Logan is a new pattern of mine. Thanks for all the compliments and questions from Ravelry about it. I'm making another one and writing down (in actual words rather than my cryptic yarn-lingo) what I did so I can offer it for free. It will not be tested so I'll just use standard head sizing for the larger sizes.

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