Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deere to Frog

Our family had another eventful weekend. Mason got his first bike! I looked and looked for a great used bike but alas, was not successful. Luckily, Nathan stumbled upon a bike at the J.Deere dealership and it was perfect. He is very excited to finally have his own bike (and I'm happy that he has something that once was not Reagan's)! Plus, a major bonus, it matches daddy's mower.
In addition to the momentous occasion of a bicycle, Logan was baptized. I was thrilled to once again dress my precious baby in a family heirloom; my grandfather's baptismal gown from 1895. It is such a sewing masterpiece that I'll have to take a few pictures of just it and him later this week when I get a chance. It is hard to believe but I didn't have second to do it on the actual day. Something went wrong with my camera in the transfer of "photographers' and all my pics are very dark.

To round out our very busy weekend, my brother and sister-in-law were in town so we jetted off to see them. While I had entertainment for all of my boys, I knitted (of course). The older ones were whisked away to see "To Train A Dragon" (which Mason cried alligator tears when it was over as he didn't want it to end) I knitted in the peace and solitude of almost being alone with a delicious movie. Hello Mr. Darcy. Apparently, I didn't notice that I didn't add way more increases than the pattern suggests and my edging on the Abalone is too snug. Drat. I get to frog it off and redo it. I love icord edging, but crap, it takes for-freaking-ever to do.

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  1. What a wonderful tradition that all have worn the gown. He looks beautiful. Cant wait for you to dress him up and take some of your professional ones!!!