Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WIP Wednesday

This week I have been working on a pair of shorties from my last YYMN slot on Hyena Cart. I will finish them up today! The lovely client wanted box stitched cuffs outlined in reverse crab stitch crochet (the only crochet I know how to do lol)

The colorway is Mosaic Moon's Ceilidh on Cestari Fine Merino

Once those are finished and set to wash and block, I'm going to do some wool "editing". The Abalone has to be semi-frogged and re knit and I am going to shorten a pair of longies I knitted for Logan way back when. He is just such a peanut that almost everything, well everything, that I knit him before he was born is way too big.

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  1. Seriously, can you tell me how you take such stunning pics? I'm ready for my lesson!