Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ahh, newborns

I have to brag that my newborn is usually one easy going guy.  If you have met his precocious brothers, you would understand why.  But last night, he turned into something else.  Yikes.  Screams starting at 3, with real tears, for hours.  Hungry. Mad. Wet. All at the same time even though he was full, dry, and snuggled. 

Surprisingly, I found myself during the midst of our midnight-mid morning battle with the invisible monster, not that bothered by it.  It must be the third child syndrome.  As a new mother, when I experienced night after night after night after months of it - I felt psychotic.  But last night, I had the reassurance - after telling that said older child that all was fine with the baby, it was.  Babies cry.  Sometimes a lot.  I still have no idea why he had a night like that.  We both were hung over from it.

My older boys got to benefit from that with a movie (Cat In The Hat...at least is was a "book") at 8:00 a.m. after Logan finally was sleeping. 

I needed some quiet time for myself to decompress after a night like that.  Thank the heavens I knit and drink copious amounts of coffee.  And knit and drink I did.  With my needles working, I was able to find myself again during that hour movie and then be ready and able to battle the day, alone, with three little boys on three hours of sleep. 

I could feel the whackies coming on before supper so we had a simple meal of yummy sandwiches and apples and called it a day with a stroll to the rock pile at the end of our street.  Nothing beats a good pile of rocks to throw and then a hot bath with all three boys at once.  At least now everyone is asleep and clean, except for me.
look at that face.  Can you tell he is 'over' the day too!

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  1. Thank God for hobbies that keep you centered...I need to get me one of those! I think I'd probably fit in better with the boys throwing rocks!