Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Our family, yet again, had a full weekend! This Saturday we got to enjoy the hard work of many dedicated and organized mothers at our son's preschool. The annual auction for the scholarship fund was held. It was lots of fun and we came home with things we didn't need! Hopefully, lots of money was raised in the process.

Also on Saturday my brother Brandon was home for a visit. We don't get to see him often as we are in IL and he is in NY so the time we had was short! My boys were so excited to see him. He is an animator (he also did the artwork for my site and logo) and is so super cool in their eyes. His first movie he worked on was Ice Age 3 and according to my almost 3 year old, he did all of the work on it..."Brandon's movie" as he calls it. We'll see him again this June.

(yes that is a sword. Not purchased by me. grr)

I also got to work on one of my goals for the year. Bread baker. I've yet to ever really make a loaf of beautiful bread from scratch. I followed the directions in the Tassajara Bread Book to the letter and I actually made it! I even kneaded it by hand. And yes, to the left of those lovely loafs are jars of jam. We had a plethora of strawberries so jam was in order! It was delicious dessert for us! Usually my house smells of processing wool on Sundays. Not a good smell. I wouldn't come over. But today, it smelled delicious!

I did get to work on some knitting for a custom. Pics of that WIP to come! I also found the perfect yarn for my Nana's next sweater. Pics of that to come too!

I will warn anyone of the upcoming blog posts ahead. My husband is going to be gone on business more than we are used to so I'm going to try and post my random thoughts and pictures daily (if I get a chance to sit down) so he can see why he again decided I was more than perfect for him (ha!).


  1. tell us about that green knitted baby outfit!!!!!

  2. me, me!!! I want to be a bread maker too! For now, I'll just have to try yours!YUM! SO great to see your brother too. What fun the boys must have all had. And Reagan's Leapster was a HUGE hit for Share Day! You are such a good mom!