Sunday, December 2, 2012

Annual Train Ride with Santa

With Thanksgiving bringing us thanks for all the blessings we have and a family wide case of the stomach flu, we are ready to bring on the next holiday season.

The house is almost trimmed.

The kitchen is "almost" (and I emphasize the air quotes) done.  Tomorrow is "supposed" to be the finishing day minus the backsplash.

The Nutcracker ballet was seen and reported as "perfect", "amazing", and "awesome". Now the middle boy is pirouetting around the house (more than usual).

The Santa Train is checked off our list.

The Santa train is always fun.  This year the big boys were very honest in that they knew this was not the "real" Santa.  I could tell that it wasn't as magical as it was before but nonetheless, it was fun!

Reagan reported that he'd like Lego's, Mason would like a surprise, and Logan would like Santa to leave his seat and then maybe bring him a tractor, combine, and wagon.


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