Sunday, September 2, 2012

A new rhythm

A new rhythm this week -- more like a hope for a new rhythm.

Mason is in school and just the Logan and I are at home.

The later of the two will get some great therapy soon - can't wait to hear what this little man has on his mind.  I might not want to though.

We are settling into very busy days of soccer, school things, routines, chores, and the best time of the day - books and bedtime.   Quiet time around the table drawing, crafting, and building make for just a bit a time to settle down.

I'm passed out early myself.  Single parenting takes it out on ya.

The middle man lost a tooth.  I'm sad.

We got the tail end of the hurricane.  Almost 4 inches after a hot, dry, miserable summer feels like we need to build an arc.  There was lots of running in puddles.  I wish I had my camera when Mason had his war paint on.  Never a dull moment with that one.

Knitting is on my mind as I hope for cooler temps and soft woolen days.  Slowly knitting a test knit sweater for a gal pal in England.  Then it is onto Mason's Harry Potter sweater with yarn he picked himself.

My wee baby isn't a baby anymore.  Potty learning is all the rage here.  Even the changing table will have a new home tomorrow.

Love notes abound around.  Mason writes all kinds of little affirmations.  Sweet boy.

Very excited about some horsey time tomorrow and a little break from the home.
Getting ready for another busy week and still looking for that rhythm.  

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  1. I had so many things to comment, I'd fill the page, so just ~ I love reading your blog x Keep smiling!