Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year


I've enjoyed taking some time away from the time (I am barely) here to enjoy the holidays.

We did enjoy them too.  At least we did once the Christmas stomach flu was past us.  I remember telling Reagan how we will laugh next year when we remember how he got sick on his presents and under the tree.  Yuck.

Our holidays first started with Aunty Jane visiting and Ryan visiting via Google Talk.  We've had more than one Christmas like this.

From there we traveled to Nathan's parents and had 3 different Christmas celebrations.
Our family came home on Christmas Eve so Santa would not be confused on where to go.  With my oldest having the flu (after the medium boy got over it) we didn't make it to church.  We just had to improvise and probably had a more meaningful and enjoyable "service" at home.

Christmas morning started with someone getting sick and then immediately asking if Santa made it.  Logan was very excited he got a sucker from the big man.

The homemade gift was proudly given (a butterfly box) then off to our next destination. We wish we would have known how sick Reagan was going to be.  It was not pleasant for him.  A lot of TV was watched.  There were a lot of Star Wars questions asked by the medium boy to my youngest brother.  He is a very cool Uncle.

Once finally home and waiting to ring in the New Year, everyone got better.  I only had the flu for one night.
Lego's were the theme this year and since then there has been Lego this and that everywhere.  Even little Logan, ever the copy cat, is into them.

We rang in the New Year with friends at a pool party that was lots of fun.

We also rang the year in with a little paint.  Soft yellow paint.  It is bright and happy now.  Pink is now involved too.  It is becoming more of a "mommy" room - hopefully happy and bright. 

I did a lot of knitting over the break. I tried to catch up on knitting hexipuffs for my Bee Keepers Quilt.  I think I did around 20.  I also finished a shawl for a friend.  It was fun to do.  I'm tickled to do it for her.

We didn't make any resolutions this year.  We did make some rules though (more on that later).

I'm not good at resolutions.  I don't do well with promising myself anything - unless it is more yarn :)

I hope to do a lot of things better.  One is to be here more in this space and share my little monsters and our lives with family and friends whom we don't often see.  Another would be to show more of what I make.  Also, I'd like to "make" more with those aforementioned monsters.  We've gotten away from it lately.  And style and my lack there of or do I have one?  Hard to say.  That too is a goal. And lots of knitting.  I've got a mission to minimize that massive amount of scraps in the top of the closet.  Get ready to gets some hats next Christmas. 

We are looking forward to a fun and challenging year.  We hope you are too.

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