Monday, December 19, 2011

Technicolor Boy

My medium boy is quite the original. He is very talkative. He can also be quite a wall flower.  Very Cancerian.  He is really challenging in a very different way than our other two.

Our afternoons are usually filled with adventure play, heroes, dragons, super powers, The Force and the like. On days he feels like painting, he makes a canvas full of slashes and swoops of bright, happy colors.

It shouldn't have surprised me then when we went yarn shopping for a new vest that he would choose this wild comnination.

I tried to lead him in a direction that would look good and soft on him. Heathered blues, oatmeal, winter green. No, he wanted a technicolored dream vest. If there was sparkly yarn there (thank God he didn't see it) he would have had to have that.

"I must have this mommy. This is what I was thinking about. I want to see this!" He carried those skeins around the store making sure they were "squishy".  He placed them in the order he would like to see them. 

It is really all my fault. One of those previous afternoons he wanted to paint some yarn "mommy green" since he knows it is my favorite color. Since we keep our house pretty cool (65), the medium boy and are on "team cold" (the husband and boy #1 are team hot, #3 boy is just overdressed)  and he thought he needed a cushy sweater. Being happy to oblige him in this, I made him a Fisherman's Pullover. Being a sleek framed 4 1/2 year old, he isn't a size 4 or a size 5 and my estimates on how he would like it to fit were off. Now the oldest boy has a sweater and the medium boy will have it next year.

Thus, the Technicolor Dream Vest was born.

It does look cute on him (despite the terrible yarn - must work on his yarn snobbery). It does look like him. Happy. Colorful. With pockets.


  1. What a cutie! He reminds me of my 14 year old... herself to the very end, even if it means that she looks, in my mind, anyway, silly. He's wonderful in his vest! Good for you for letting him be himself, no matter what!

  2. Oh, who could resist those red cheeks?? He looks adorable! I also have some work to do on letting my four year old be himself....I'm learning to let go!