Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Rat Hat

I have a brother (actually two) that I'm quite proud of.

He has a very cool job and I'm so glad that he found what is perfect for him.

Having an animator as an Uncle is pretty awesome for my boys too.  One Uncle can fix them if they are hurt (and take them fishing and burp really well) and one can answer any question about any movie or cartoon they can possibly ask.  Plus, he makes them movies. We are all pretty lucky to have both of them.

For this brother, who is working on a new movie, Ice Age 4, I cooked up something special for him.

Lately, he is working on some Pirate Rats.  I'm afraid to say anything more but here you go, Brando.  Just for you.

I'm happy to help in your efforts to not comb your hair.  You should though; you are so handsome when you do.  I just can't help but be bossy about it - oldest sibling and all.

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