Sunday, January 8, 2012

A hat, a vest, and a pair of mittens

I've started to crank out some little knits again.  I'm determined to get my enormous collection of scraps under control.  I've got more scraps than I do full skeins of yarn.  It is depressing.

To work on that, I've whipped out a few little ditties this week.

First was a sweet little vest for the Bandit.  A Milo - which I've knit before - is super fast and easy and great to wear.  I used some bright, vibrant yarn from my favorite peeps - Western Sky Knits - and some miscelanny balls of self dyed yarn to stripe it up a little.  I can never get enough stripes!

To finish the skeins of WSK yarn, I made a simple, yet highly effective hat, Basic Winter Hat.  I've already made this one before too and find it really great to have in my wool bag (yes, I have a bag of wooly objects in my car) because it fits everyone.  I finished the top with some fun little leaves.

Finally, I did a pair of super fast mittens for Reagan.  I accidently felted the first pair of made for him.  Luckily, they fit the medium boy so no big loss.  With super bulky yarn, these came together really fast!

I've had a bad case of startitis lately.  I just cast on a pretty cowl - Sylkie, and a hat to use up the last of my Shelter yarn, and of course, endless amounts of hexipuffs to make...oh and that other leg warmer that I can't make myself finish.  Oh....and that cardigan I really want to make yet can't decide with what or what pattern to actually do...ah, Knitting is so much fun.

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  1. These are absolutely stunning pieces Kristi. That hat : ) and that vest : ) and oh my the colours, just beautiful. Well done girl.