Monday, January 16, 2012

a week went by

How did that week go by so quickly?  All of a sudden it was Friday and now suddenly the week is starting all over again.

Our week was filled with:

Indoor play

Followed by snow (that melted in today's 60 degree temps)

Celebrating a birthday and an early birthday

Finishing projects

Lots and lots and lots of Lego's.  Lots. Oh man, A L O T.
Go me.  Another project finished.

And now getting ready to start another full week.  I'm hoping to contain myself and stay away from home projects and just chill with my boys and of course, knit and work on our rhythm that has eluded us since the holidays.

So far this week started off with an early morning yarn dyeing -  reminesent of the good ol' yarn business days...

and continued on with the bandit leaving his mark on each and every room in the house.

I anticipate this week going by a bit more slowly and accompanied by lots and lots of Lego's and probably lots of coffee. 

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