Friday, February 25, 2011

Trunk Show

Last evening, I had the pleasure of attending a trunk show and book signing of knitwear designer, Stephen West.  It was held at my local yarn store, Klose Knits, and was really sweet and fun.  Stephen, and his charming mother, came from Chicago area on the train along with a suitcase of woolly goodness.  All around the show room Stephen had his knits from both Westknits Book 1 and 2 as well as other pattern singles.  It was so great to actually see and feel the samples, try them on, and get a feel for their incredible and intricate or simple construction.

I have a lot of ideas.  That might not be a good thing.

Stephen was very sweet and humble and I was a little pathetically star struck.  I asked him to pick out yarn for a project from his new book, West Knits 2 - Transatlantic, and he happily obliged.  He choose some great Blue Sky Alpaca yarn which I am quite a fan of in pretty naturals.  I just made a Norie hat from the same base/weight and it is great to use.  I'll have to save this special project for after the Easter season as I have some special little knits I really need to do.  I think it will be great to knit the Transatlantic as the weather warms and a lighter, more complicated project is what I need. 
I really wanted to finish a West Knits project (well another one) to wear to the show.  I worked on my Pansy Clockwork every second I could get.  My children did not help in this task - really, how many times is a dog's dish of water fun to play in?  Hundreds of times to a almost one year old.

But, obsessive knitters do prevail!  I had to blow it dry after blocking, while holding said naughty baby, and managed to get it just right to wear.  Aren't we cute!  He put his one so we could match.

Ah, the little things in life - makes a knitter quite happy.

I must go knit some more.


  1. You lucky girl!! So jealous. What a fabulous event, and I'm happy to hear you had a great time! <3

  2. It turned out great! I love the colors together!