Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Late Yarn Along

Now that my cable is back on and I'm able to sit down for the day, I have to quickly get my Yarn Along in!  I've yet to miss one and I don't want to start so I'll make it brief!

I'm still reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and still liking it.  I'm just now getting into to it. I'm also reading through pattern books as I find them so inspiring.  The Shetland Trader is my new one and the pictures and patterns are just so beautiful.  I love how Jared Flood captures a moment.  So pretty.  Patterns are beautiful - such a great mix of modern and tradition - my kind of knitting.
On the needles is a hat from the Shetland Trader - Norie - in sport weight self dyed wool. I needed something light and bright during the snow storm we just had.  Also on the needles is my last sweater for the winter.  A Harvest Moon in SHELTER's Faded Quilt (also by Jared Flood).  I l o v e this yarn.  I know I'll have to get more of it once I downsize my stash. 

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  1. I love the shade of yarn your working with, so very lovely!