Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend flew by.   Thankfully the weather decided to get a bit better but not before it canceled our trip to the barn.  Reagan is eager to ride ol' Renegade again and was bummed that we couldn't make it.  Once the snow did clear up though, he and Mason had fun playing outside for some much needed fort building.

Really, can Mason be any cooler?  Batman hat, Spider Man shades, and a "Joker" cowl.
Since he is always so great at letting me take pictures of him, here is how cool he is again.
Mr. Camera ready

On Sunday, Reagan finished up his soccer "season".  It was really fun.  Maybe there is just a little in of my genetics in him.  His "Poppy" (oh yes, dad, that is you now...far from the Rich you originally requested) was a soccer star, maybe that will be him too.  Or not lol.  
Aren't they so cute!
 Always smiling (when he is paying attention and not hugging or goofing off)
Organized 4-5 yr. old chaos at its best
The victorious participation ribbon. Very important and coveted.

And then the bear.  He is not feeling too hot.  High temperature since late Sunday night followed by lots of pukey moments, not able to eat much, and lots and lots of tears.  Poor baby, he's been sick most of his almost 1 year of life!  Breathing machine is ready for lots of treatments and Gatorade is in the bottle, again.  He'll be back to crawling on his hands and feet like a little monkey in no time.

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