Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riding Lesson

Yesterday, Reagan and his buddy Brayden had a riding lesson.  They were about the cutest things.  Our "retired" show horse (he retired himself) is up at the training barn for a few months to help with a demonstration at a local horse fair.  With him being so close, we needed to take advantage of him. 

He is just such a sweetie, that ol' horse of ours.  I think he really enjoys these type of lessons.  Walking around in a circle with  40 lbs on your back can't be too bad of a day's work.

Brayden was fearless and so engaged with him.  For his first time riding, he was quite the natural.  It may not be such a good thing for his loving parents as horses can be quite consuming. 

Really -  there isn't much more adorable than he!


  1. OMG! Could Brayden be any cuter? What an adorable little cowboy! I'm sure Reagan just loved experiencing riding with him! How cute!

  2. Love it! I really wish I could hear KR's play by play as I'm not sure who was more excited about this- Brayden or Kristy!

  3. Although I am not a "comment" post gal, I must say it was AMAZING! How great it is go have such a great friend with just the right hobbies! Experience of a lifetime!