Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out of the basket

Finishing up a late spring sweater project just in time for at least of week cooler weather must mean I've got good karma with this one, right?

This Sage Remedy sweater wasn't so easy to knit as the directions were a bit on the different side.  I'm such a knit in the round and seamless kind of gal that having a step by step pattern with no measurements or points of change and just bullets to tell you to change a row...through me for a loop.  It is really my fault though.  If I had knit this early in my knitting years, I would have appreciated directions for every row of knitting.  But now that I'm getting quite seasoned and know what I like, changing things with this pattern just wasn't all that easy for me.

Never the less, I like it.  It is soft and cozy and passed the snuggle test.  I wanted a tunic style (I'm obsessed with tunics as of late) and I wanted it easy to layer and to go with my standard uniform of long sleeved t's. 

It will work for me.  A newish color in my knitted wardrobe.

Now to knit some more hats and hexipuffs -I've got almost 210 of those babies! 

"Snuggle test" captured by my sweet boy Reagan

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