Thursday, April 12, 2012

Around the house

-We dyed pretty Easter eggs using only black, brown, yellow and green.  Who knew those four colors made such pretty eggs?  Who knew I didn't really have my dyes organized like I thought for the last year?

-We have another sick boy.  I think this is the third time he has had the stomach flu.  It is always seems to happen when Nathan is gone.

-On Monday I took the troops to get some fabric for some much requested jammie pants.  We now have Nascar (eww), African Safari, Fighter Jets, Tanks, and construction truck jammies.  I've been making pants non stop plus I've got a hankering to try something for myself.

-The boys are all crafting non stop too.  Sketches of chickens litter the house.  Not sure why - but chickens are on the brain.  I blame it on Mason's school.  A rooster keeps crowing when he gets there.  It freaked him out at first - he just did the lesson at Sunday school when Peter denied Jesus three times - and the rooster crowed.  Now he believes he is just saying "hi".  Just one more reason to make Reagan jealous of him :) Reagan thinks I'm so mean that I didn't have him go there too. 

-my computer is so slow it has taken almost an hour to type this out and load 4 pictures.  At least I can knit while I wait. Damn rainbow pinwheel.

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