Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yarn Along Wednesday

Participating in the weekly Yarn Along with Small Things...

This week I am starting to frantically work on Christmas gifts.  I don't know why I've waited so long to start them.  I have a hard time doing multiple projects at once.  I am getting better at that since some knitting can be tedious.  Right now I am working on mitts based on the pattern Albina Armwarmers.  They are my second pair so far this week.  My first pair turned out so cute that I couldn't wait to do another one.  This time I modified the cuff so it is a bit less bulky.  I do love knitting with handspun yarn.  I really look forward to learning how to do that someday.  The Annabel sweater from last week is finished but I don't think it is long enough so I'm waiting for yarn to come.  The Pogona that I'm slowly working on looks no different  -darn sock yarn.

In reading, I've finally picked up Radical Homemakers.  It is interesting and quite outside my comfort zone.  I'm used to reading words like dither, verily, Mr. Darcy, blood feuds and not "We have come to believe that the viability of the corporate world is integral to our social and individual progress."  It is good though and I'm sure it will teach me something and ultimately make me feel guilty for not doing x, y, or z.  I just finished listening to the audiobook At Last Comes Love- which is a sweet historical romance. My children are enjoying Harry Potter and have been very excited to start reading our Christmas books since I just rearranged them and have them organized in a special basket.


  1. Oh! There your are! Your link at Ginny's brought me to last weeks yarn along on your blog. I want to see the almost finished sweater! I'll be so proud of myself once I can make sweaters and not feel like I'm knitting blindly, not knowing exactly what the outcome will be when I'm following instructions.
    I'm really interested in the homemakers book. Keep us updated on it as you're reading.

  2. Your yarn is beautiful and so are your mitts.

  3. Beautiful mittens. i'm excited to be bringing out our Christmas books soon too.