Monday, November 29, 2010


Our little family has been quite busy it seems lately.  With the end of fall, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas season, we have been blessed with lots of fun things to do. 

I've kept our older ones particularly busy with lots of handwork as we work on making our Christmas gifts.  Since Logan is the 3rd baby boy in 4 years, he really needs nothing.  The boys decided to make him some little people that he can 'chew' on.  I bought some peg people from Casey's and some milk paint, and beeswax polish and they went to work.  They had lots of fun working on them and enjoyed making something special for their baby.  It was also a great weekend project - bonus for me!

We also worked on things wooly - which is the norm here!  Both of the boys dyed yarn for their teachers so I can make them some mitts for their presents.  They were sneaky, which was fun for them, and found out their favorite colors and then I made the dye solution and they painted it on.

making Thanksgiving gift bags for class:  mulsin bags, homemade playdough, ring pop, gummies, and a cookie cutter.

and of course, the best...the last bit of warm weather play!

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  1. You are SO creative!!! I love the last picture of the boys swinging together - how precious! Love it!