Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A favorite toy

With the holiday season approaching, toys are on the mind.  They are mostly on the minds of my children.  I am constantly told all of the wonderful things they might like.  Constantly.  I hope they start to get the message of "it is not all about them" soon, or Santa is not going to be as fun as he (she) could be.

But...I do want to share a favorite thing in our house.  Capes.  They aren't really even that.  Just silk retangles that Reagan and I dyed one afternoon to add to our make believe basket.  They are so much fun.  I can't believe how much they are used and by how many kids they have been used by.  We've taken them to BBQs, used them when we didn't have 'girl' dress up clothes, and when a herd of boys were over playing.  They are used almost daily at our house.  Our neighbors will often drive by and see at least one boy hanging from a tree house with a cape on.

They are super cheap and easy to dye.  We dyed them with professional grade dyes because I have them since they are the same as what I use to dye wool.  Kool Aid will work too though! 

Perfect stocking stuffers or something to do during those long winter days ahead. 

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