Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick, weekend knits

I managed to sneak in some quick knits this past weekend!  With a coughing, fussy baby it wasn't too easy.  Luckily Nathan was home and was able to spend lots of quality fun outdoor time with the older ones!

The Milo Vest.  Super fast knit!  I had intended to do more with this but ended up just doing the basic pattern.  I'll have fun with this later though!  There are lots of possibilities and I love how the pattern is for up to 4T.  I like to make my boys match every once in a while (because I am that kind of mom). 
I also did a super fast knit cap to check gauge on Meadow Mountain wool.  With woolies season just ahead (even though summer hasn't officially started), I needed to see what my gauge will be with this type of wool.  Elizabeth Zimmermann, the goddess of knitting, says to check gauge in the type of knitting you plan on doing.  If you are going to knit in the round, it is foolish to knit a flat square to check your gauge, it will not be the same.  She always suggests to buy enough wool to make a hat with your project so you can have the perfect gauge every time. 

I had dyed this wool in a gradient pattern based on Spider-Man's colors as he is super cool lately in our home.  I think I've read the "Life of Peter Parker" way too many times lately.  I also added a slip stitch every 10th sts to look a little bit like a spider's web.  I wrote exactly what I did on my Ravelry page.

On the needles now is a Tickle Hat for stock later this fall.  I like doing hats!  Short, simple, fun projects are always to quick and rewarding!

This week we are getting ready for our vacation in Florida! We are so excited and it is the topic of almost every conversation we have around here!

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