Thursday, June 3, 2010

A few projects finally done

This past week has kept me away from posting much.  All three boys came down with some weird allergies followed by a nasty cold.  You know you are an experienced mother when you stand by the sink to burp your baby so he can directly puke down the drain when he coughs.  It hasn't been pleasant.  Of course they all gave it to me as well.  It would be nice to call in sick every once in a while!

I did finally get some nagging projects finished this week.  With the help of my two older boys, we repainted some salvaged chairs that I had around the house.  They aren't perfectly painted and I just have to "smile" at the drip marks on the wood and uneven painting, but they are done and work for me.  I recovered the cushions with the most fantastic fabric from Anna Marie Horner.  It is from the Play Time collection.  I just love how fun and whimsical it is without being too much.  It is a nice, bright pop to my mostly brown and green house.  
A little woolie lovey for Logan.  I made this with the beginnings of Elizabeth Zimmermanns' Garter Stitch blanket and then finished it a different way.

My grandmother's sweater is all finished and waiting for custom buttons from Tessa Ann on Etsy.  I hope to get them soon as we leave for FL in just 9 days.  It might take that long to block and dry. 
Once I go into town and get a pillow form, my Sand Dollar pillow will be done for someone special.  I won't make the mistake of saying who it is as it seems my family actually reads what I put online and I don't want to get "busted" again!  I hope, once assembled, it will be pretty.  The pieces turned out well and it should be a darling little something to give. 

Finally, a new project (for now) on my needles.  A Milo vest for Logan.  I can't decide if I will continue the vest down and make a onesie/shorties type jumper then steek and add buttons or it I will make life easy and keep it a vest.  Who knows!  If I keep it a vest and have enough yarn left over, I'll make a Baby Shell.

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  1. Wow those chairs look great! You may have inspired me to do something similar now that we are moving and need new dining room furniture!